Alzheimer’s Care

It can be a challenging and demanding experience to provide care for a loved one or friend who has cognitive difficulties. When you’re on your own, everything is that much more difficult. At times it may be possible that you feel like you are fighting both the disease and the person.

They require some sense of normalcy in their lives, even though the fact is that they don’t always act as if they want it. It is possible to have the impression that you are failing at everything, even when you are acting in a perfectly reasonable manner. It takes a toll on you both emotionally and physically.

We think of the opinion that this need not be the case. Our strategy is centered on assisting you in reclaiming precious moments spent with a loved one so that you can focus on enjoying the positive aspects of their life rather than worrying about the challenges they face.

The number one priority at Westhaven is to support both of you so that you are not faced to face this obstacle by yourself. For that reason, we will always be there for you.